Battlefield BF4 Stats 1.67 APK

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Battlefield BF4 Stats

Battlefield BF4 Stats is Android app thats you can Check your weapon details with characteristics, stats, weapon accessories and battlepacks for Battlefield 4 games. It's a perfect to check on all yours and other players stats. Compare 2 player's scores with each other.

Check your own and your friends' Battlefield 4 player statistics, progression, unlocks and more. Compare your performance against your friends. Gives a smoother user experience than the official Battlelog app. The most complete stats app for Battlefield 4.

Battlefield BF4 Stats Feature list:
- Check performance for all different weapons and vehicles.
- Monitor all different types of score (longest headshot etc).
- Check unlock progress.
- Check assignment progress.
- Check battlepack unlock progress.
- Check service star progress towards awards (ribbons and medals).
- Import friend list from Battlelog.
- Check which dogtags you have unlocked and taken from other players.
- Support for all Battlefield 4 platforms.

Requires Android: 2.3.3+
Download File: 3.4MB (Battlefield BF4 Stats 1.67 APK)

Battlefield BF4 Stats APK
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